1 Year Renewal Program ($499 + Tax) Includes:

Coaching & Training
• 12 queries of Ask a Coach email coaching support
• 12 online Deal Review queries
• Audio & Video Training – Ongoing access to all web-based training

Live Experience
• Ability to purchase discounted Investor Summit passes
• Access to Mastery Meet Up Events
• Attend digital Live Experience Online events

Tools & Technology
• Ongoing access, including all updates to
• Member Website
• iPad Investor Software
• Resource Library

Community & Connections
• Ongoing access to Service Provider Network
• Member Network – Forum & Directory
• Access to investment opportunities as made available

Disclosure and Acknowledgement

1. I understand that Keyspire® provides real estate investor support including live events, education, software and coaching. They do not sell, and I am not purchasing a business opportunity, franchise, security, business, affiliation, seller-assisted marketing plan or multilevel marketing plan.

2. I understand that no part of my enrollment guarantees conventional financing, non-conventional financing, or partnership with other investors.

3. understand that Keyspire® does not offer tax, accounting, financial, legal or any other professional opinion or advice. Prior to undertaking any real estate transaction, I may consult my own accounting, legal and tax advisors to evaluate the risks, consequences and suitability of that transaction. I agree to hold Keyspire® and its representatives harmless from any and all liabilities, demands, claims, actions or suits that may be levied against me by third parties by reason of my use of any information presented through this membership program

4. I understand and agree that no guaranteed earnings or return on investment claims have been, or will ever be, made. My success is dependent on my commitment, actions and efforts. No additional support, training or act on Keyspire®’s part is expressly promised or implied, except as appears in this Keyspire® Membership Renewal agreement

5. I understand that I may enter into a working relationship with a service provider introduced to me by Keyspire®, or presenting at a Keyspire® event at my sole discretion. I agree and acknowledge that Keyspire® shall always remain an arms-length third party in any and all relationships built as a result of my involvement with the events, training and programs. I agree to release Keyspire® of all liability and claims that I may levy on said relationships and professionals.

hereby authorize the processing of my payment in exchange for the products & services stated in this Keyspire® Membership Renewal Agreement. By signing below, I acknowledge that I will be receiving access to the items referenced in this agreement and that I have read and agree to the Disclosure and Acknowledgment described above and the 12 Month Renewal Agreement described below. This agreement is entered into and becomes effective as of the date your current membership concludes and acceptance by authorized representatives of Keyspire®.

12 Month Renewal Agreement

The Keyspire Membership program is designed and intended to get you results. In order to help us maintain the highest level of integrity for our organization and our Members, you agree that you have read, understood and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:

Continuity: I understand that my Membership Renewal investment is for one person, as identified above, and is non- transferable. My online access will be activated for the email address that I have specified on the front of this document.

Communication: The Keyspire Membership program and investment opportunities will be delivered via email and online. I have given consent for Keyspire to communicate with me via email regarding any new features, event changes, investment opportunities, important membership information and other matters of a commercial nature in the future. For these reasons, I will ensure the following emails are added to my ‘safe sender’ list: [email protected] and [email protected]. If I have not received any email communication from Keyspire within one week of renewal, I will notify Keyspire at 1-888- 556-2244.

Fulfillment Policy: I understand that it is my responsibility to proactively access and fully engage in this program. I am responsible for full payment to any events made available to me that I confirm my attendance for.

Non-Sufficient Funds Policy: I understand that a $50.00 administration fee will be applied for any NSF cheques. Any credit card charges which are initially dishonored for non-sufficient funds may be processed again for lesser amounts which aggregate up to, but do not exceed, my purchase price. At the time of enrollment, I will provide a credit card to be on file with Keyspire to cover any NSF payments.

Privacy Policy: I understand that Keyspire takes my privacy very seriously. Keyspire will not sell or share my information to any person or business outside of what is required to fulfill my Membership, unless Keyspire receives written permission from me. Keyspire’s privacy policy is posted online at www.keyspire.com/privacy-policy and available upon written request. Keyspire reserves the right to update or amend its Privacy Policy from time to time without further notice to me.

Live Recording: I understand that live events and webinars may be video or audio recorded. I hereby understand and agree that Keyspire owns the exclusive rights in and to any photographs, video or other recordings and shall be irrevocably entitled to use such photographs, video or other recordings in any way Keyspire sees fit in its sole discretion, worldwide and in perpetuity. I hereby waive any so-called “moral rights” or “privacy” and any entitlement to compensation in respect of my image or audio, whether still photographs, video or audio only.

Event Admission: I understand that representatives of Keyspire retain the right to deny admission into any of Keyspire’s events, or to remove from an event in session, a Member who is disruptive to the normal flow of training, or who has compromised the safety, comfort, or general well-being of another Member, guest, or event team member. In the event of any such removal, admission to future events will be at the discretion of the event director. Exclusion from events for any of the above reasons will not result, nor entitle the removed Member to a monetary refund or credit.

Community Integrity: I understand Keyspire intends to maintain a high level of integrity within its community and interactions among Members. To that end, Keyspire reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel the Membership of any Member seen to be compromising this intention. Behavior preventing other Members from fully enjoying their Member benefits, including but not limited to, unwelcome solicitation, unethical actions, slanderous statements, and inappropriate communications, will result in removal from the community. All reasonable steps will be taken to resolve the misconduct before cancelling any Membership.

Coaching Support: Coaches can be contacted through the ‘Ask a Coach’ tool on the Member Dashboard for single specific real estate investing questions. Deal Reviews are submitted by exporting a Keyspire Investor Software PDF and emailing to [email protected]. Due to the uniqueness of each situation, Coaches may be required to collaborate together to identify appropriate potential options and courses of action for my specific situation. These coaching queries may require 1-2 business days to answer and will always be responded to as soon as possible.

Intellectual Property: I understand that the concepts, strategies, methods, materials and any other Keyspire intellectual property that I will acquire during my time as a Member are copyright Keyspire Group Inc. I understand that other than use in my personal investing business, any reproduction, distribution, presentation, transmission or commercial use of any Keyspire intellectual property is prohibited, in the present and future, without explicit written permission from Keyspire Group Inc.

Introductions: I understand that the Service Providers that Keyspire introduces me, may, if I engage them, pay to Keyspire a fee. At any time during my Membership, I may ‘Request an Introduction’ to a Service Provider through the Member Dashboard on keyspire.com.

Jurisdiction: The agreement between Keyspire Group Inc. and I shall be governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada.

DISCLAIMER: Keyspire Group Inc. provides live events, online education, one-on-one coaching, real estate software, and real estate business systems. Neither we, nor our shareholders, licensors, affiliates, officers, directors, managers, employees, independent contractors, sponsors, volunteers, and individually Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini, are selling a business opportunity.

We make no income earnings or return on investment claims. As with most educational workshops, it is difficult to track and ascertain those who implement the training provided. Additionally, we do not offer tax, accounting, financial, or legal advice. Prior to undertaking any real estate transaction, you should consult your own accounting, legal, and tax advisors to evaluate the risks, consequences, and suitability of that transaction. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for the success or failure of any business decisions you make, and that Keyspire Group Inc. disclaim any responsibility or liability in regard to any transactions.

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