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The Keyspire Inner Circle [KIC]
From the desk of Michael Sarracini
Written on July 10 2019
I had a crazy idea before the last summit in June (literally days before stepping on stage).

I wanted to created a brand new way for our premium program members to connect with each other, to support each other and share the massive amount of knowledge and experience that happen every day in your lives.

I wanted a private and exclusive facebook group for you.

I told my team about this idea.

We pulled together a quick planning session and fit it into our implementation calendar...for September.

But I couldn't wait until September.

I believe in the power of this group so much and I wanted it for you ASAP.

So here's what I did:

Created a pre-launch access period.

This way I could get this group up and running before we figured out all the details.

If you’re here, then you have invested in one of our premium support programs, and you are invited to experience this PRE-LAUNCH ACCESS

So what the heck is this group about?

This group was created for you to be with like-minded people that invest their time, money, effort, energy into getting to the next level.

99% of people don’t understand this, you are among the 1% of people like you.

A powerful place to be.

This is a place to share thoughts, exchange and explore ideas, and get those “high fives” when you want to share something exciting in your Keyspire journey.

It’s also a place for encouragement!

Comment on posts!
Share your wins!
Share important real estate news & articles!
Ask questions!
Organize local events & meet-ups!
and take action!

I strongly believe in the concept of ‘Collective Genius’...that is; we are all better off sharing our knowledge and helping each other than we are keeping our knowledge a secret.

This group is designed to harness the collective genius of all of you.

Why would you learn from your own trial and error when there are other people in this group that have already conquered the challenges you are facing (and are about to face)?

How can you help people that are about to encounter a problem or challenge you’ve already conquered?

I promise you, the greatest feeling on the planet is helping others LEVEL UP, and in turn others will help you.

You are here to add value first, to help your fellow group members.

If you have a problem, ask the group and someone will help you.

Nobody goes it alone. Nobody is successful on their own. They have a group of like-minded people, like all of you here.

Together we harness our COLLECTIVE GENIUS to get to a next level of success no matter where we are.

So if this is your first time here, take a few minutes to introduce yourself to everyone!

I started a comment thread to make it easy; you'll find it on the Announcements page.

I can't wait to see you all grow together!

I look forward to watching your success,

Michael Sarracini
Co-founder and CEO
We're waiting for you...
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