What is Keyspire?

Keyspire is a company created by Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini to teach people about creating wealth through real estate investing. Keyspire is also a network for like-minded real estate investors and professionals who share the same goal: to make money through real estate investing. We hold events, workshops and advanced training across North America with a network of over 1600 members and growing.

When is the next Keyspire event?

You can find all of our upcoming events here. You can register online to attend or call us at 1-888-556-2244.

What can I expect at a Keyspire Wealth Tour event?

Expect to be entertained, informed and learn more about the incredible world of real estate investing. Our Keyspire team members have the tools and expertise on how to take the next steps, so that you can be a real estate investor too. Join one of our real estate investment experts at a location near you!

What do you learn at the Keyspire Workshops?

At the Keyspire 3-Day Workshop you can expect to learn: the investor mindset; how to think like an investor, how to operate your real estate business, how to source properties, how to identify an income property, how to manage your tenants, the most efficient use of leverage, conventional financing and non-conventional financing, your personal finance plan, how to leverage other networks and much more!

What are Keyspire’s hours of operation?

You can reach us at 1-888-556-2244 Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm EST.

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