Education is the foundation of any successful venture. Our founders, Michael Sarracini and Scott McGillivray, believe education is a journey with a beginning and no end. Lifelong learning is the key to intelligence, happiness, and success. At Keyspire, our education starts with a 3-day Keyspire Workshop. At this 3-day workshop potential members are exposed to the knowledge and experience of hundreds of investors.

Our 3-day curriculum has been meticulously written and is constantly updated to ensure our attendees are always getting the most up to date and cutting edge information. We hold these training sessions in select cities across Canada and the US, and people often travel across the country to attend. It is that good. We even have attendees who take our workshop once a year as a refresher course.

The education teaches principles that are universal. They can be applied in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Toronto, Calgary, Orlando, Ottawa, Sydney Australia, and just about anywhere. Although universal, the strategies, systems and processes learned are very powerful and have been derived from the knowledge of hundreds of real estate investors across the country and through tens of thousands of experience hours.

The 3-day workshop is the gateway to our organizations. Once completed, attendees receive a certificate of graduation and gain access to our implementation programs.

By combining foundational theory, real life examples and hands-on case studies, the Keyspire Workshop is a must for any real estate investor. Whether you are buying your first investment property or you own a portfolio and want to grow your business, this education session will be the best three days you have ever invested in.

To learn more about our 3-day Keyspire Workshop, call 1-888-556-2244.

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