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Keyspire Key Concepts

Keyspire’s Key Concepts are the guiding principles Members used to take action and be successful in real estate. In this section explore courses including the 4 Ways to Win, the 3 Investing Streams, Determine your Investor Profile, and Invest Where Returns are Best.

The 3 Investing Streams: Properties

Choosing to purchase investment properties can allow you to leverage the 4 Ways to Win and grow your portfolio while your tenants pay the bills. This section focuses on the fundamentals of property investing. Learn how to ‘Invest Where Returns are Best’, analyze a market, evaluate a property, make an offer...and much more!

The 3 Investing Streams: Private Lending

One of the most powerful ways to invest in real estate is to invest in private lending. Earn passive returns by becoming a lender on mortgages or borrow from private investors when the bank says “no”. This section focuses on the fundamentals of lending and borrowing private mortgages.

The 3 Investing Streams: Private Equity

Investing in private equity is strategic way to diversify your real estate investing portfolio and invest passively. In this course learn more about investing in equity partnerships including land development and large scale apartment buildings to determine if this investing stream aligns with your Investor Profile.

Conventional Financing

Understanding the basics of conventional financing is vital to growing your portfolio. This section focuses on maximizing your access to conventional financing through exploring the fundamentals of financing, how to maximize the power of leverage, the importance of using an investor-savvy mortgage broker… and much more!

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures allow real estate investors to grow their portfolio through creating an agreement with another investor to combine capital, borrowing power, time, and skills. This section provides an overview of how to connect with JV investors, structure a deal and what to consider when creating a Joint Venture Agreement.

Canadian Taxes For Real Estate Investors

When considering taxes, investors should ask important questions about ownership structures, filing taxes, deductions, and succession planning. This section provides an overview to Canadian taxes for real estate investors. Note: You should always contact a tax professional to evaluate what is best for your personal situation.

Real Estate Legal

Real estate transactions include multiple legal documents, contracts, and agreements. This section provides an introduction to the fundamentals of real estate legal and answer some of the common questions investors have. Note: You should always contact legal professionals to evaluate what is best for your personal situation.


Protecting your investment is a vital component of savvy investing. Many investors overlook proper insurance which leads to unnecessary risk and liability. In this section learn about the importance of proper coverage and what you should look for in an insurance policy as an investor.

Property Management

From creating a rental ad, to qualifying prospective tenants and overseeing property maintenance, property managers know there are many skills involved in managing a successful real estate portfolio. In this section learn how to organize your property management systems and minimize stress while adding value to your tenants.

Adding Value Through Renovations

Adding active appreciation to properties through well-planned renovations is a complex investor skill. Using Keyspire’s Top 5 Value Added Renovations you can maximize your property’s value. In this section learn about the renovation process, working with designers and contractors, and how to maximize every renovation dollar.

Branding & Marketing

Savvy investors know effective branding and marketing is key to growing a strong real estate business. From a simple business card, to writing rental ads, and attracting JV investors, this section will help you learn strategies to attract the best customers and maximize your business potential.

Cash Flow For Life

From homeowner, to investor, to real estate business owner, this audio course provides an introduction to real estate investing. Topics covered within this course include the importance of goals, buying your first home, adding an income suite, becoming a landlord and adding value first.

Personal Finance

Managing your personal finance is vital to successfully managing your business finances. In this section learn about setting goals, spending plans, debt recovery and more. Whether you are recovering from a financial crisis, trying to organize your finances, or planning for the future, this audio course can help you get started.

Keyspire Training Documents

The Keyspire Coaching Team’s training documents at your fingertips. Use these documents to learn about key concepts, the 3 investing streams, investing strategies, and much more! These resources will help guide you to becoming a savvy real estate investor.

Property Management Documents

Successful property management depends on organization and creating a system that you can rely on. Use these resources to maintain tenant records, list units for rent, and manage your day-to-day operations.

Service Provider & Tenant Qualifying Documents

Selecting the best tenants and service providers is key to a successful real estate investing business. Refer to these documents for guidance on what to look for when qualifying your team and your tenants.

E-mail Templates & Phone Scripts

Always know what to say when communicating with tenants, team members, and business professionals. Use out email templates and phone scripts to save time, to eliminate the guesswork, and to scale your real estate investing business.

Spreadsheets & Checklists

Stay organized, maintain consistency, and understand processes by using checklists and spreadsheets. In this section find checklists on due diligence, property inspections, obtain contractor quotes, and become organized with spreadsheets on renovations, personal finance and much more!

Business Forms

Standard business forms are used in all industries. Real estate investors also have forms necessary to operate and manage their business. Utilize these resources to maintain consistency and create a professional real estate business.


It is very important in business to record your agreements and arrangements in writing. Business people do this in the form of a contract. Use these sample contracts with the assistance of your legal team to grow your real estate business.

Canadian Legislation & Lease Agreements

This section contains important links to provincial and territorial landlord tenant legislation across Canada. Learn the regulations for your chosen province or territory, download forms, lease agreements and learn about other important government resources.

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